How to Join

Freemasonry does not speak to everyone and its symbols do not “speak” to everyone. It is therefore not by elitism that the Masonic Lodges are cautious about those who knock on their doors, but by awareness of their singularity and the complexity of the approach that respects the evolution of each individuality and the multiplicity of interests of its members.
To be a member of our order, it has always been obligatory according to ancient customs:
  1. Believe in a Supreme Being. God, Allah, Jehovah, Jesus, the Great Spirit, etc.. The religious denomination is not important.
  2. Being of mature age , at least 21 years old, but ideally when the man is “settled” in his life with his work and his family. He has a maturity in his life, his behavior is responsible, and he has a sense of duty and obligations to himself and to others.
  3. Be man of good reputation and good manners not having a criminal record
  4. Be of good judgment and not having an intellectual disability or a psychological condition that would preclude understanding and appreciating our rituals and symbols. Have a psychological and spiritual balance. Be in harmony with himself and others.
  5. Be able to undertake the duties of membership in the Order : Be able to pay the annual dues and regularly attend meetings of the lodge. Contributions vary depending on the lodges: between $ 200 and $ 500 annually.

How do you adhere to it:

Traditionally, recruitment was done by cooptation and it was very difficult for someone who did not already know a freemason to become one himself. The Internet has changed many things, obediences and lodges have sites, and candidates, like you, can more easily make contact with Freemasons. However, we are cautious, because there are many people who knock on the doors of our temples and who are more curious exotic adventures than a deep personal search. We are a great family and we act accordingly. It is in our interest to bring in only those whom we believe worthy of becoming our brothers.

If you’d like to become a member of our Masonic Lodge, please fill out the form below: